Garage Door Replacement in Austin, TX

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Although garage doors are generally very durable, there may come a time when replacement is required. After all, severe damage from weather or fire can occur, rendering your garage door useless and unreliable. Or perhaps you need a different garage door to fit your needs.

Whatever the case, look no further than Doug’s Garage Door Service! We serve the Austin, Texas area with the highest quality residential and commercial garage door replacement service.

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Doors?

In some cases, it can be obvious when it’s time for a garage door replacement. But sometimes your issues can be resolved through repair.

You could benefit from garage door replacement if:

  • Your garage door isn’t working at all
  • You want to improve curb appeal
  • Your door has been physically damaged from wear and tear, extreme winds or a vehicle collision

Residential Garage Doors

Garage doors that have chipped or peeling paint, are warped or cracked—or, worse, aren’t working properly—don’t look good and are leaving your home unprotected. Sometimes a repair will suffice, but there are situations that call for full residential garage door replacement.

You may need to replace your garage door if:

  • A repair wasn’t enough to fix the problem(s)
  • You are getting more frequent repairs
  • The repairs are becoming increasingly expensive
  • You want a different door that will better complement the style of your home (this may happen if you remodel)

Before you decide that you need garage door replacement, talk to our team at Doug’s Garage Door and make sure the problem is with the actual door and not the opener. Sometimes the garage door opener (not the garage door itself) is causing the problem! Our team will be able to identify the source of the problem.

Commercial Garage Doors

If you need garage door replacement for your commercial needs, Doug’s Garage Door Service has a variety of products for you to choose from. With our help, you’ll be able to select a door that fits your space and your needs.

Sometimes a repair just doesn’t cut it—and don’t leave it up to chance! Although it may be more costly than repair, commercial garage door replacement is vital to maintain proper safety and security. This is particularly true if you have to deal with fire hazards and need a door to accommodate these needs. We can replace garage doors for warehouses, storage facilities and more.

Garage Door Products

Whether you need a custom wood door or a rolling sheet door, you’ll find the right product in our expansive selection. Here at Doug’s Garage Door Service, we offer high-quality brands of residential and commercial garage doors, including:

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If you need garage door replacement in Austin, Doug’s Garage Door Service offers the right services and products for you.

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