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Keypad entry for garage doors is a great feature to have. Whether your family is always running from baseball practice to gymnastics and it’s hard to keep track of all your garage door clickers, or your commercial business needs a keypad that different employees can open at will, installing a garage door keypad opener is a great (and affordable) investment.

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How Garage Keypads Work

You’ve most likely seen a keypad on someone’s garage door—neighbor’s, friend’s or family member’s. They are usually installed right outside of the garage by the door. Keyless entry allows you to open and close your garage door by simply typing in a code that you yourself set (and it’s simple to reset as well if it is ever necessary to do so). As the name suggests, no keys are required. It doesn’t get more convenient than that, as long as it’s installed and set up professionally.

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Benefits of Garage Door Keyless Entry

Besides their tremendous convenience, garage door keypads offer a number of benefits for homeowners (and owners of some commercial buildings)—they:

  • Are simple. To operate the garage door, all you have to do is type in the code.
  • Allow for multiple access. If you need a trusted babysitter or anyone else to get into your home or office without a key, a garage door keypad is a viable solution.
  • Can be more secure. Garage door keyless entry, as the name suggests, requires no keys. If there are no keys, there are no keys to lose and end up in the wrong hands. In this sense, a keypad can provide extra peace of mind when it comes to security.
  • Are reliable. Although your keypad won’t work when the power is out, it allows you to get inside if your remote control opener in the car isn’t working, you’ve misplaced your house key, etc.

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What Is the Best Garage Door Keypad?

While there are some keypads that stand above the rest, the best keypad depends on a number of factors. Give our team a call at (512) 282-6238, and we will happily recommend the best model for your garage door.

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