Garage Door Maintenance in Austin, TX

Routine maintenance can make a world of difference when it comes to the life and operation of your garage doors in Austin. Not only can it keep your doors running smoothly for longer and reduce the need for costly repairs, but it can also ensure the safety and security of your home or building. That’s why Doug’s Garage Door Service offers a range of garage door maintenance services in Austin, Texas. We know how large and heavy your garage doors are, and we want to make sure you stay safe no matter what.

When you need garage door maintenance in Austin, we’ll be there to help. We offer garage door maintenance services for both residential and commercial clients. Contact us online or call (512) 282-6238 today to learn more!

What Happens During a Garage Door Maintenance Appointment?

Garage door maintenance should be performed to some degree each month, though certain tasks can be completed on an annual basis. You can take a general look at the doors to check for issues, but it’s important to contact an experienced professional to ensure maintenance is taken care of properly and safely.

When you call us to schedule your garage door tune-up in Austin, you will receive a maintenance and safety inspection on all doors and garage door openers. During this process, your technician may:

  • Tighten or replace defective bolts and nuts
  • Lubricate all moving parts—rollers, hinges, pulleys and cables
  • Test door balance
  • Test the auto reverse feature
  • Adjust springs
  • Perform fire-drop testing
  • Test force settings
  • And make any other adjustments that are needed

If any issues are detected during your garage door inspection, your technician will discuss your repair or replacement options with you. We’ll provide you with any garage door repairs you need to ensure safe and proper operation.

To schedule garage door maintenance in Austin, give our team a call at (512) 282-6238.

Schedule Garage Door Maintenance in Austin, TX

Are you ready to schedule your garage door maintenance in Austin or the surrounding areas? Doug’s Garage Door Service can take care of all of your residential or commercial garage door needs.

If we notice any issues during your service visit, we can provide you with a comprehensive repair or replacement.

Your garage door is the single largest moving object in your home or building. Don’t take chances when it comes to your safety. Contact Doug’s Garage Door Service to schedule garage door maintenance in Austin today—call (512) 282-6238 or send us a message online!