Cedar Overlay Garage Doors in Austin, TX

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Cedar Overlay Garage Doors in AustinIn many ways, the garage door on your Austin home is as frequently used and as important as the front door of your home. Because of this, you want a garage door that is reliable and functional, of course. But you also want a garage door that is beautiful and unique—something that suits your aesthetic and home design. For meeting all of the above needs, the professionals at Doug’s Garage Door Service frequently suggest cedar overlay garage doors!

Our garage door experts and product specialists have been proudly serving Austin, TX homes and businesses for years. With our expertise and superior training on your side, you can bet you’ll not only get a top-class product, but the service and support service to match, or even exceed them.

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What Are Cedar Overlay Garage Doors?

A cedar overlay door provides the aesthetic beauty and richness of real cedar wood and then combines it with the efficiency and durability of steel and other more sturdy and cost-efficient product options. Your standard cedar overlay is much what it sounds like—an overlay panel fixed to a steel door and often one with a poly garage door core. The objective and overall result leave you with a gorgeous and customizable garage door that carries the strengths of each material used but one that also minimizes the weaknesses of each.

What Are the Benefits of Cedar Overlay Doors?

Much like many hybrid garage door products, a cedar overlay door can offer a substantial number of benefits due to minimizing the weaknesses inherent in any of the materials used when present alone. A new cedar overlay garage door from Doug’s Garage Door Service can provide:

  • Customizable design and beauty – The beauty of a wood door is undeniable, and with a variety of design and color options, you can get a truly stunning door for your Austin home.
  • The strength and longevity of steel – The steel aspect of an overlay door adds more stability, while also minimizing the weight of your door, helping to retain door function for longer.
  • Higher than average insulation levels – By using multiple materials, your overlay door offers higher than standard insulation levels to combat the climate extremes in Texas.
  • Increased garage door security – The tracks of an overlay door are installed internally, making them resistant to tampering, vermin and pests, and other common security issues.

Cedar Overlay Garage Door Installation in Austin, TX

Cedar Overlay Garage Doors in Austin

At Doug’s Garage Door Service, our teams have been handling the installation, repair, and replacement of cedar overlay doors and other garage door product for years. With our experience and expertise, as well as our drive to provide superior customer solutions, we can ensure you not only get a top-class product but the level of customer service and satisfaction that you deserve.

Our installation services are always precise, and we double-check every product to make absolutely certain we’ve done the job right—and done right the first time! With Doug’s Garage Door Service you’ll get leading service and cost-effective solutions, guaranteed.

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